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As a designer and developer, we help companies around the world build amazing logos, websites, apps and services that are simple, beautiful and easy to use

{Our Services}

  • A logo is for… identification

    A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.
  • Design

    P-Team create cleverly designed solutions that look good, enhance user-experience, and get results.
  • Visual Identity & Branding

    More than just a logo, a brand is the way a business shares with the world and creates relationships.
  • Website

    phpFox, WordPress, Joomla are our CMS of choice, but we don’t stop there.
  • Mobile Apps

    We create highly responsive mobile apps that meet the needs of your and hybrid mobile app is our platform of choice.
  • Supporting

    Solve technical and applications problems on your website/mobile.

Fast realization

We can support your project at any stage it needs it. From strategy and brainstorming ideas, to defining the user experience, to interface design, to development, we love bringing great ideas to life no matter the screen size or platform.

Top notch support

Our friendly team will inspire this confidence, and by letting you speak directly to the people doing the work, you can track your project every step of the way.

{What can we do for you?}

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